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We are artists.

We are designers.

We are master gardeners.

A team of 2, mother (Patty) and daughter (Taryn) work together to create artistic spaces you can love and enjoy!
Taryn started this business in 2017 with dreams of Patty being able to do what she loves. Taryn was still working her day job up until January of 2020 when it was time to step up and run her business and work beside Patty in the gardens. 
Patty is a certified master gardener with a background in botanical illustration. Plants and flowers have been her passion since she can remember.
Taryn is a certified landscape designer who has a bachelors in Arts with Graphic Design emphasis. Creativity is in her blood.

We have added two members to our team! Andrew and Ashely. They are wonderful young people with a drive and willingess to learn our plants, climate and gardens here in the PNW. They come from Kansas where they were gardeners and landscape maintenance at the zoo.

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